Film: 1900

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Canada 1940's

Forest, timber mills, Prince Edward Island. View of agricultural land. Loading ships in docks, Nova Scotia. Boats in harbour, unloading fish. Map of expeditions and colonisation of West Canada. Fishing boats in harbour. Map of types of coastal fishing. Schooner in harbour, trawler at sea reeling in and emptying fish nets of cod and haddock. Small (two-man) herring boat. Oyster and lobster fishers. Three women in factory canning fish meat. Fish drying sheds and platforms. Man turning over vast quantities of fish. Fur farms, man feeding foxes in cages. Mink farm. Furs in factory being checked. Forking hay on Prince Edward Island. Crop spraying. Canadian dairy cattle. Loading of large cheeses onto truck. Apple picking. Forrest, logged forest. Logs floating downstream to factory. Huge log pile. Men pulling logs from conveyer belt. Log grinders. Paper mill. Men loading timber pile. Miners underground in truck, walking with lamps. Leaving mine (Cape Breton Island). Coal on railway, loaded onto ships. Iron ore heaps, Pictou. Smelting plant. Map of Imports and exports. Beaches of Price Edward Island. Inland stream. Forests.

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