Film: 1901

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie, well shot, of pre-revolution China 1920's

Male Westerner with Chinese man. Man on crutches in garden. Group of men and women getting boisterous. Woman in fur coat on rear platform of train. Man and woman with dog. Steamboat at sea. Football match. Harbour with ocean going rivers. Chinese woman laughing and talking. Rugby match. Tourist boat following a section of China's coastline. Town in China, Probably Shanghai - streets, buildings, bicycles, cows. Chinese children, a kitchen , rickshaw driver, Chinese man smoking, market, Chinese policeman, man cutting wood, cooking, crowds of rickshaws and buses. Busy harbour with numerous junks. Study of rickshaw owner. Shots from moving train - mountains, lakes, railway station, freight trains, labourers. Westerners at railway station.

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