Film: 1904

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Sound | B/W


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Extracts from a melodrama and two silent comedies 1920's

Bullfighting scene in which bull wins. Man's body carried out of the ring. Brave man enter ring and kills bull. Cradles man in his arms. Tearjerking stuff. Hat tossing peasants. Ole.
Billy Bevan, polo match.
Larry Semon film in which girl has to be rescued from high window. She takes a running jump at open windo and is caught in a sheet by spectators. Larry Semon does the same, but the crowd have been scared off and he lands on road.
Girl and Larry are abducted or kidnapped and thrown in crates or wooden boxes. They are released. Escapades on a tall ship. Woman escapes with a high dive off the sail arm. Larry swings to safety and has his rope cut, so he ends in the sea too.

Man dressed smartly in shirt and tie addressses the camera. Cartoon of film being shot, cameraman with his hand over his eyes turns the handle to film, the director stands in his chair and taps his foot, lady with cigarette dances sideways across the screen and pushes her bum into a man holding a briefcase, he runs away and she continues to follow him, they pass 3 ladies in swimsuits standing on a rock, 2 wave them off and the other stands with her hands ready to dive, end 2 dive off as what they stand on stands up and turns out to be a monster, the middle lady sits shocked on his head as he walks off, a burgular on a horse runs across the screen shooting in both directions, he is being followed by a car full of police with some officers hanging off the end, girl with long blonde hair runs quickly pushing her hands out behind her whilst a man dressed in black with a top hat chases after her, a blonde pirate sword fights with someone, he notices the girl pass and holds onto his heart, a giant heart comes onto the screen, he leaves his sword fighting and he goes off after the girl. Man in top hat continues to chase the blone girl, they run past black blocks and she enters one and he follows her, the tile reveals the letter "K", man being chased by the woman enters one and the tile changes to the letter "C", sticks his head out another and it turns to the letter "A", man riding his horse comes across the bottom shooting and the pirate comes across the top, they both enter tiles revealing the letters "U" and "S", lots of hustle and bustle as all the characters chase around revealing letters which eventually spells out " FRACTURED FLICKERES". Smartly dressed man talks to the camera again. An audience clap and wave excitedly, they are all gathered around watching a bull fight, men waves capes at the bull and he charges, this happens several times and then a man is knocked over, he holds his side. The crowd lean forward and gasp. The man is carried away from the arena. The injured man is cradled by another and appears to die, the man holding him looks saddened. Man walks through a stall door, closely followed by another who hands him what appears to be a sword and a flag. Man stands in the ring pointing the sword at the bull and holding the flag in the other hand, man goes forward to the bull quickly. The crowd cheer and throw their hats in the air. The man waves his hands to the crowd as he leaves, with the bull lying dead on the floor. The man speaks to the audience once more. Crowd celebrate and hats get thrown into the air. Bull enters the ring, 3 men wave capes at the bull forcing him to charge, man is chased out of the gate. In the ring the bull chases a man off. A man runs around with a cape. Man walks to the centre of the ring with a flag. Crowd cheer. Man stands aiming his sword at the bull, flag in the other hand, he leans in to attack him. Crowd lean forward in shock. Man sits cradeling his friend, friend looks to him and holds his hand before appearing to die, man looks shocked. Man talks to the camera again.


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