Film: 1906

Sport | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Mountaineers climbing the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps 1940's

A priest plays the organ in the church. The same, from directly behind him. His hands play notes on the middle of three tiered keyboards. From behind and to the right, he continues to play; he presses a button on the side. An ornate circular stained glass window; moving downwards, the title "Epilogue" is superimposed; past more ornate architecture and windows. The church's stone floor; superimposed, the title "The Challenge".

The snow-covered Matterhorn mountain, against the skyline. A man looks upwards in awe. He stands already high up on the mountain, looking upwards. A rocky face of the mountain, a ridge below covered with snow. The man looks downwards. The mountain face. The man jumps up a small ledge, huge valleys in the background. A closer view of the rocky mountain, looking upwards; a bird flies to the left. With great difficulty, the man climbs up a rocky ledge. Snow falls from the mountain, towards the camera. Men walk through the snow up the mountain. An avalanche, as seen from a distance. Rocks fall from the steep mountain face. The avalanche, from even further away.

Looking upwards at the mountain. A man hangs onto a rope beneath an overhang. A man climbs a vertical face. He arrives beneath the other man, crawls onto a rocky ledge, and the other man stands on him. He reaches his hand to a hand hold. He climbs up a vertical face. From further out, the other man following behind. The mountain face, a lake visible to the left; pan upwards to the two men walking up a steep slope. A man with rope around his neck, and a rucksack, climbs, and looks down. The two men use a rope to climb up a near-vertical slope. A sheer face, a few rocks jutting out, on which the men stand.

The slopes leading up to the mountain, covered with trees; on screen, the following moves past: "No foes shall stay his might, Though he will giants fight, He will make good his right, To be a pilgrim"; the writing slowly fades away. A rocky outcrop below the main mountain. On the left of the screen, the two men climb a vertical face. The two men hanging onto ropes. A man with rope around his waist climbing. Three men on the mountain side. A close-up of a man's face. A man's feet trying to find a foothold. The man's face as he reaches higher. The mountain face. Clouds in the sky; moving past, "When fancies flee away, I'll fear not what men say, I'll labour night and day, To be a pilgrim"; it fades away.

Seen from high up on the Matterhorn, snow-covered peaks below, clouds below, and three men climbing. The three men climbing. They use a rope to climb up a vertical face. A pan across snow-covered mountains. The Matterhorn, standing alone against the sky. A man walking down a rocky path. A chapel below the tall mountain, a bell ringing inside. A man's hand opens a Bible, and flicks through it to the letters of Paul. A finger points to a specific passage; enclosed in a circular area to the right, a picture of Jesus, and footage of the mountain; as we move further down the book, the camera pans across a temple; in the enclosed circle, a painting of a man; then a group of men, on horseback, dressed ornately and opulently. The Bible; a man closes it.

The top of the mountain, as seen through clouds. A row of men standing on a snowy ridge. A man looks up from a slope, in awe. Clouds, as seen from above. A huge expanse of snow-covered mountains. Men walk across a flat plain of snow, beneath a huge mountain. They climb up a ridge, and walk further up. On the same snowy plain. A huge chasm; a man climbs up a vertical wall. From below, a man steps over a crack. The same, from above. A man climbs over a ridge. They stand up on the top. A man uses a rope to abseil down a rocky cliff. Two men at the top. A man abseils down.

An expanse of mountains; men walk up a small snowy peak. Seen from the top. They move further up. They run up, carrying a rope. They go further. They walk up the huge mountain. They stand in a line on a snowy bank. The mountain top, seen from the air.

At night, they walk along the mountain top. A rocky slope amongst the clouds. The huge peak of the mountain, jutting out into the sky. The side of a mountain. The peak of the Matterhorn, amongst the clouds. An avalanche. The huge expanse of mountains, at night. The mountain jutting into the skyline. A tall rocky face. Men climb up the side, finding ledges. A man climbs an overhang. A vertical face. A man climbs sideways. Below, another man supports him with a rope. He continues to climb. The man still supports him. The snowy mountain. The peak of the mountain.

The priest plays the organ. Over his shoulder; he plays the middle row. Continuing to play, he presses a button. His hands play from the middle and bottom rows. This is all seen from a mirror above. Directly over his hands; he plays notes on the middle row. A different angle; he presses a button on the left. From behind, we see him press the button, and play again. The ornate stained glass window; superimposed, "Instructional Screen Production". Excess film.

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