Film: 1907

Industry + Work | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Rural Postman 1940's

Beautiful idyllic English country village and a picture of England as it sees itself with the village postman sorting the mail in the post office, then the postman picking up his bag and mounting his bicycle. He sets off around the village delivering the letters and parcels to various addresses. Postman on his bike rides up a steep hill and blows up a tyre, until he's back at the post office.
Church with a central spire in a village. A high street and a sign on a shop reading 'Hovis'. Postman leaves home and walks along pavement. A man pushes a bicycle through door of shop called 'The Spinning Wheel' and rests it outside. Postman enters shop. He greets counter clerk and enters room. He takes off coat and hat and writes in a ledger. He sorts a small bundle of letters into no more than ten piles of letters on table top. He ties a bundle with string. A row of parcels are tied with string. Parcels are sorted and placed in bag. He puts on cap and coat and leaves room. He checks letters with postmaster and leaves. Man scratches head as if thinking. He takes bicycle and pushes it across road to pub where he knocks. He walks to a shop. Cycles on road and enters church gate. Wheeling bike through graveyard. Passes through garden gate. Grand house where he delivers a letter. He greets a serviceman walking in the opposite direction - perhaps this is filmed in wartime? He hands letter in through open door and to a woman cleaning her windows. Child follows him through garden gate. He is hailed by a woman from across the road and he hands her her post. Dilapidated building with old well in front garden. Cycling up a country hill. Road sign 'Steep Hill'. Postman stops cycling and mops his hat and brow. Road sign for Wheathamstead and Welwyn, Hertfordshire. Next to a ford, he crosses a footbridge over a brook or stream. Man hails him and receives his post. This man calls a girl over. She has pigtails and receives letter and runs off with it. The postman inflates tyre on bicycle and rides off. He cycles along a farm track to a T-junction. In a village, he approaches 'The Spinning Wheel' again. Enters and hands in sack on peg and leaves.

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