Film: 1911

Food + Drink | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Shippam's Pastes. Food processing 1940's

Pages of early manuscript cookbook. Chichester. Large kitchens. Tables, mortar. Fishing on small trawlers. Fish - pilchards, lobsters, crabs. Night-watchman with torch. Turkey farms. Cock crows. Sussex. Chickens leave coop. Loading fish into baskets at Newlyn, Cornwall. Packed with ice. Onto lorries. Norfolk crabs and lobsters (Burnham?). Hatching turkeys in incubators. See them at ten weeks old. Ireland, salmon-fishing. Rowing a boat trailing a net, hauling in from shore. Aer Lingus large transporter plane. Shippams factory, Chichester, West Sussex, old market. Crabs. Unloading turkeys. Crates of glass jars. Fish. Chickens on racks. Cooking 125 chickens in a pot. Fish paste. Shrimps. Chickens on spits.

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