Film: 1918

Entertainment + Leisure | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Light hearted look at the attractions of a funfair, probably Dreamland Margate Kent 1950's

Aerial view of a funfair, "there's something here for everyone". Lovely ferris wheel shots including from the top and point of view of two people going around.
Various fairground rides, people laughing and smiling. Merry-go-round or gallopers. A little girl climbs onto the fairground horse, a father and daughter ride the one behind. Sign for a ride called "The Speedway", dodgem cars. "The Dive Bomber", a ride which makes people go upside down. Close-up of men watching the ride, "sitting this one out boys?". Girls in dresses and party hats have pony rides. A man with a beard helps them on the ponies and leads them around a grassy track with flower beds. Rocket planes. Very nice miniature railway called the scenic railway, point of view of the riders as it gathers speed, rollercoaster or big dipper ride really. The people come out at the end looking a bit dazed and ruffled. Roller skating rink, girls glide around easily but the men stumble about trying to keep their balance and fall over. The big wheel, a girl in a bonnet is strapped into a carriage. Two men wave at the camera as they come past. Motor boats on a lake, lovely shot of two women trying to turn their boat around. A boy jumps on the front of their boat because their time is up, one of the women splashes him as he pulls the boat in, very good natured. Children's railway 152 gauge, a girl eats a stick of rock in a carriage with her brothers and sisters. The children wave as they set off. Bingo, contestants sit in a circle and the prizes are on a table in the middle.
Freak show with the "Human Icicle", a big sign reads "Frozen alive in 1200 Ibs of ice". A man with a cane ushers people to see the show, "here she is, the human icicle", a woman in a bathing suit stands next to him. Mr Chad, like a coconut shy, men try to knock blocks off a wall. "We must say goodbye to the fun of the fair". A girl with a doll tucked under her arm leaves with her mother.


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