Film: 192

London | 1940 | Silent | Colour


A short film presenting the public gardens provided and maintained by the London Borough of Hornsey in the areas of Crouch End, Muswell Hill, Highgate, Fortis Green and East Finchley 1940's

A sunny day in Crouch End in North London. Pedestrians and traffic bustle past Hornsey Town Hall, pan of the town hall and the adjoining square.

00:19:18 A sign post reads: 'Borough of Hornsey, Shepherds Hill Gardens'. Close up of the sign post and insignia of the borough. The camera pans over the gardens, central avenue and people, taking in the expansive views afforded of the surrounding area and, in the distance, Alexandra Palace. Two male gardeners water the plants. Various close ups of the colourful flower beds.

A group of people wait at a bus shelter. A mother and child walk past the surrounding shrubs and flower beds. The beds are filled with flowers in full bloom. Pan of the flower beds in front of the Odeon cinema in Muswell Hill. A man reads under the shade of a tree on Muswell Hill Road. Shot of three ornamental flower beds and shops behind.

02:15:11 A leafy council housing estate. Several shots of well-tended planted borders. An interior courtyard with flower beds, lawn and trees. Pan of a border with orange flowers. Exterior of more council housing enclosed in an impressive array of tulips and other flowers. A single-decker bus drives past the building, pedestrians cross the road. The same building from another angle.

The bus stand on Muswell Hill Broadway with flower beds in full bloom. Pan of the view from Muswell Hill Broadway down Muswell Hill, taking in double and single decker busses and passers-by. A street with a public garden full of tulips. Mothers push black open top prams. Planted flower beds in an enclave. Two gardeners tend to the plants.

Various shots of the flower beds and public seating areas in Coleridge Gardens. A family enjoys the sun on a bench. A little boy plays in the flower beds on Crescent Road. Various shots of the bright tulips and daffodils. Traffic along Crescent Road.

04:36:02 Another housing estate on a tree-lined road with a red post box. A gardener tends to the lawns. Close up of the street sign: 'Hillcrest. No through road'. A young couple stare curiously first into and then past the camera as a crowd gathers for a public ceremony in the estate behind them. Smartly dressed men, women, children and a priest join the crowd. Members of the clergy and local council have assembled on a stage and talk animatedly amongst themselves as a man addresses the crowd from a lectern swathed in a Union Jack. Pan of the crowd as they listen to the speech. Two photographers take pictures of the mayor holding his sceptre. Several men help the mayoress and an official to plant a tree on the estate. Further shots of the tree being planted. The mayoress and official stand back to admire their work and smile into the camera. Preparations are made for a second tree. They begin to shovel earth over the tree. The men help to cover it up. Close up of the mayoress talking into the camera, a little out of breath. Close up of the official smiling into the camera.

A man walks up a sunny tree-lined street. Women push prams down a lush road. A double-decker bus travels along a leafy street. Prettily arranged flowers decorate the front of a small house. A man walks by rocky flower beds in front of a church. Several shots of the beds, benches, daffodils, grape hyacinth and tulips.

Several shots of people sitting on benches in the front gardens of Dale Court on a very busy Park Road, N8. Close up of the entrance to the estate, the house sign reads 'Dale Court'. Pan of the estate's lush planted borders. Pan of the building from the other side of the street.

08:37:00 Children play and adults laze at a packed lido on a sunny day. Pan of the lido's impressive fountain and stunning flower beds. Pan of the flower beds and the open air swimming pool behind. Two men in swimming gear / suits dry themselves off and comb their hair in the flower beds. Close up of the fountain.

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