Film: 1922

Natural History | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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London Zoo 1940's

Flamingos in pool surrounded by trees. Close up of flamingos on one leg. Baboons in rocky enclosure or cage grooming each other. Gorillas chasing each other. Playing rope and swing, gorilla also plays with hose pipe. Polar bears diving into a pool and swimming, he climbs out and shakes his fur, looks into camera and stands up. He picks his teeth with claws in close up, he dives back into the pool and swims. Rhino ( no horn ) runs through enclosure. In water rolls. Elephant in water, swims, splashs, and hoses himself down with his trunk. Drinks, climbs out then throws water over his back. Pelicans flapping their wings. Wild hogs drinking and bathing. Sealions including a baby one basking in the sun, diving into a pool, jumping into the water and swimming, climbing up the steps, more basking.

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