Film: 1923

Natural History | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Feeding time at London zoo 1930's

Hippopotamus family asleep, pelicans standing around pool, sea lions basking, rhinoceros bathing in pool, giraffe walking out from house, pigmy hippos get up to meet keeper. Close up of hippo with mouth open being fed, keeper feeding hippos, feeding from own mouth, hippo in pool (mum and baby). Giraffe running out from house to enclosure, giraffes, enclosure, feeding from ground and tree. Keeper feeds giraffe from mouth and hand. Close up of faces. Grizzly bear in water, bear standing on back legs being thrown food, running. Keeper bottle feeding baby bear. Keepers leading Indian elephant out of house. Close up of elephant's legs and trunck as sniffs ground for food. Close up of elephant feeding using trunk. Close up of trunk as keeper feeding them. Baby elephant, keeper throwing food directly into mouth. Elephant's drinking from buckets. Sea lion diving into pool catches fish, swimming, jumping out of water. Close up of face, catching fish, kissing keeper, shaking flippers and hand fed fish. Pelicans feeding from pool and being thrown fish. Close up of beak.

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