Film: 1935

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


2 films of Paris 1920's

1. 1920s "Eiffel Tower". "Trocadero Palace," Paris in France. Trocadero Palace as seen through the 'legs' of the Eiffel Tower. Eiffel Tower viewed from the base. Lift ascends the Tower bringing the detail of the structure into view. The gardens below as seen from the top. Travelling shot from the point of view of the interior the lift, with views of the Trocadero and other Palaces relating to the immediate area of the Tower. Shot from above the lift as it rises, spiral staircase alongside. Official ushering passengers onto uppermost platform. "Uppermost platform open to visitors." Shot of Paris seen from platform. Fan out from Tower towards Seine on left. "River Seine." Aerial shot of Seine with bridges panning back to 'leg' of Tower. 2. 1930s Sign - "Commune du Vieux Montmartre." Patrons eating in café, café society with two women looking very Bohemian, artists painting, toing and froing. Sculpture workshop, nude in foreground. Sign "Hotel 13." Tramps rifling dustbins. Old man leading goats through an alley. Palmist reading man's palm at café table. Cat asleep. Sign "Dome" - Tabac." Sidewalk café exterior. Waiter serving. Old man reading 'Liberation', lady smoking. Tramps sharing wine. Waiter serving couple Arab tea. Sleeping cabby. Man in kepi drinking with smartly dressed men. Bridge with pleasure cruiser passing under it. Cut into middle distance showing passengers.

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