Film: 1939

Fashion | 1920 | Sound | Colour


Hollywood fashions 1920's

Two women sit in a smart living room and discuss the latest fashions. "What do you think of the new long gowns?", says one while she is handed a cup of tea and a napkin by the hostess. The door bell rings. Hostess goes to greet Natalie Kingston, an actress. The hostess and Natalie walk arm in arm. Natalie will answer all fashion questions.
"Natalie, you know Nora Lane?" Natalie and Nora have worked together. Hostess sits Natalie down. Nora is just on her way to shop for some long gowns. Natalie has seen Monsieur Jacques on the Rue de la Pays, Paris. Flashback to Monsieur Jacques' salon. He is a couture fashion designer. Four women sit as he stands and describes the clothes modelled by live models on a small stage. Perhaps he says, the dresses will be in Miss Kingston's next picture. A model appears in a dress and hat. The dress is floaty and when the jacket is removed, it is an evening gown. It is described as a Chanel adaptation. She twirls. A Patu adaptation is the next. Floaty again - a goddess skirt, long. A lace dress, belted, formal wear, most stunning in the Maggie Ruth (?) collection. Next a suit with black hat and clutch bag. Back to the sitting room. Monsieur Jacques's designs are marvellous, but do we really have to wear the long gowns. Yes, if we want to be the height of fashion. Miss Claire Windsor now models some more clothes. An orange suit with a scarf at the neck. A crepe dress and jacket. Matinee wear for afternoon tea! The latest thing for evening wear. An symmetric long black dress with high black gloves and white strings of pearls. A veiled hat.

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