Film: 1953

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Rural China in the 1940's, pre-revolution.

Farmers with produce go to market with barrows and rickshaws, swaying sedan chairs, shoulder yokes milk maid style, shops weigh out the produce with hand scales. Western China - porters. Shops open. Lumber yard. Typical farm, water is drawn from the well, cooking in the kitchen with charcoal and an iron pot with the rice, children wash and cleans his teeth, grandmother knits, breakfast is eaten with chopsticks. Water buffalo goes to the rice paddy fields. Shrine houses with the gods of the fields to protect the crops. Children go to school though the busy streets, lessons in reading, girls and boys in scant uniform. Father does his accounts on an abacus. Silk merchant, grinding corn on a mill, music instrument maker, ploughing, scribe writes a letter. Two boys play chequers. Chinese violin.

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