Film: 1954

Entertainment + Leisure | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Opening title - "Vanity Fare - No 1 A Screen Magazine"

Intertitle - "To celebrate their Jubilee Year the Royal Automobile Club (R.A.C )holds a grand parade of motor cars in the heart of London. All ages and types make a proud display of 50 years of motoring". Wide London street, crowds of people gathered at the side of the road, cars lined up. London to Brighton veteran car run. Intertitle - "Veterans still going strong". People pass by in various vintage cars. Intertitle - "Middle-aged, but strong and sturdy" Intertitle - "The precocious youngsters of today. British skill and reliability apparent in every line". Newer cars whiz by. Intertitle - "A prize for age and craftsmanship".
Intertitle - "A school circus. School children provide all the thrills of the "big top" in this particular version of their own". Lots of children and mothers sitting in a circle in a playground. A band of four youngsters enter the circle and parade around playing their instruments. Intertitle - "The Band". Close-up of the band and the children applauding. Intertitle - "The prancing ponies". A child dressed as a circus compere or ring master marches into the circle with four girls in gym clothes behind him. They run in a circle and when he brings his hand down they do handstands simultaneously. The children point and laugh. A white chalk line is drawn in the middle of the circle. A girl wearing a ballerina outfit and an umbrella and a boy dressed as a clown pretend to walk "the tightrope". Girls do cartwheels around the circle and the people applaud.
Intertitle - "Don Pedro meets Ferdinand the bull". A boy dressed as a matador enters and bows. He waves the flag as a boy dressed as a bull charges towards it. He drops the flag and the "bull" chases him out of the circle.
Intertitle - "Fashion Show. Mayfair goes rustic when a mannequin parade is held at a manor house in Sussex". Outside a manor house, elegant models put on a fashion parade for assembled people. Intertitle - "The accent is on hats". The models walk up and down and then enter the house. Intertitle - "These creations will be worn at Ascot".
Intertitle - "Royal Tournament. The spectacular and historical display given at Olympia by the forces entertains many thousands". Royal Tournament at Olympia, a military band wearing kilts march a large stadium with a waiting audience. Close-up of some women applauding. Intertitle - "After the drums comes the highland dancing. Here is the broadswords, in combination of four dances". Four men dance around four swords laid out on the ground. Intertitle - "The King's troop, Royal Horse Artillery show their skill". Military men on horses enter pulling canons behind them. Intertitle - "The musical drive demonstrates the proficiency of the R.H.A." They gallop around the arena. Intertitle - "The Royal signals next give a display. Despatch riders tear up the arena's turf". A motor bike display, riders perform tricks and stunts. Intertitle - "The skill of the rider and the strength of the machine can be seen in these manoeuvres". Intertitle - "Trick riding is all in a day's work". A rider rides his motorcycle whilst balanced on a ladder. They drive over ramps and form a pyramid on their motorbikes.
Intertitle - "Danger, Men at Work. A sequence offered without bias presenting professional free-style (all in) wrestling". A wrestling (boxing) ring where two men fight each other with bare knuckles. A referee circles them. They fling each other around the ring. Intertitle - "Ah that fooled you". They grapple with each other and lock arms. One wrestler punches out and his opponent falls to the floor. The referee walks over. Intertitle - "Was it below?". The referee motions with his hands and the match is over. The wrestlers' men enter the ring with towels. Intertitle - "They part good friends". The wrestlers shake hands. Intertitle - "Championship bout, the Worlds Heavyweight defends his title". A new match begins and two larger wrestlers enter the ring and begin to fight. Intertitle - "How do you like this one?". One of the wrestlers is on the floor and his opponent has hold of his leg. Close-up of the wrestler on the floor wincing in pain. Intertitle - "Can I hear something creaking?". The fight continues and the challenger lurches through the ring". Intertitle - "And with the challenger having thrown himself out of the ring, the champion is proclaimed victor".


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