Film: 1956

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Informative short film with some excellent sequences of the River Clyde, Scotland 1930's

Map of West Coast of Scotland, showing Glasgow located on River Clyde. Peninsular of Kintyre. Dissolve to city centre of Glasgow. Aerial view of docks along River Clyde. Two men carrying goods descend a ship, live cattle follow. Goods are lowered from the ship and waiting men cut the ropes
A large grain store. Men load a horse and cart with bags of grain. Whole haunches of beef are stacked onto a lorry and as it pulls away it reveals a brick building with the sign "New Zealand Steamers". More goods unloaded from a ship. Sample of produce from New Zealand, in this case apples, are removed from wooden crates for inspection. Men cut open the boxes where the apples are individually wrapped in tissue paper, one is removed and examined. Men walk past the ship which reads "Uskmouth" on the side. Bales of hay and planks of wood are brought onto the quayside. Ships sail out to see past a lighthouse near the mouth of the River Clyde.


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