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Kington, Herefordshire local newsreel near Wales on the Welsh border. Probably made by the Kington Picture House Gaumont cinema
Very nice panning shot of crowd at open air summer fete with people wearing their best clothes.
Lawn tennis tournament. Panning shot of women wearing long white dresses and men wearing striped blazers and long white tennis trousers. Two year old girl toddles about.
Cup Final 1926 Kington town v St Hildas. Point of view shot from moving vehicle through streets of (presumably) Kington. Crowds of small boys run ahead of our vehicle. Two teams walk onto pitch filmed at ground level, near corner flag. One team has quartered colours and other halved. We see at least three goals as Kington win 6:1. The St. Hildas goalkeeper has to collect the ball from the net. Winning captain picks up cup . Close up of the Cup. Reverse point of view of leaving the match? Very crowded streets.
Kington Sports Day 1st August 1927 Good views of crowds watching cameraman. Trap drives past our position quickly. Horse and trap.
Kington Horse show. Nice panorama and slow pan of streets of Kington with doorman in uniform directing things. Marching band and people walk to camera. Parade of bulls led by farmers. Start of horse parade.
In street of Kington, group of 50-60 children and adults stand for the camera. Two of the boys hold certificates. People walk off, a couple of boys wave at camera.
Motor Cycle Football ( poss removed see Motorcycle football under title )
Horse show 18th September 1926
Cycle race - large number of men and boys present. Four bicycles are ridden past. Slow pan of seated spectators. Men run motorbikes backwards.
Motorcycle football


Local newsreel(?) of various races at Kington sports day. Main title (5). Four boys in fancy dress as tramps pose for the camera. They are awarded a prize (25). A motorcycle race where the cycle has to cross see-saws (27). End of a running race (34). An obstacle race, men run then leap up and clamber through tyres hanging from a rope (54). "The Cart Horse Race" (57). End of the race (68). "The Galloway Races and Trotting Matches" (72). End of the horse race, no trotting race seen (90). Pan of crowds (132). "The LAWN TENNIS TOURNAMENT" (141). Pan of courts as players prepare for matches. A family group at a picnic ready to watch the tennis. A little girl toddles towards the camera to the amusement of her family (178ft). Abrupt ending.

Scenes at the 1925 and 1926 Kington Horse Show. "Kington Horse Show. The 40th Annual Show held amid the charming and picturesque surroundings of the Herefordshire Border". (11). A marching band walks to camera down a street past the Burton Hall. It is raining heavily and a number of people with umbrellas watch and follow the band (32). Horses are led around the show enclosure past the stand just seen to right (96). Horse riders pass stand (104). A bull and handler, and a boy on a pony pass (109). A group of riders including a lady sitting side-saddle (119). "Mr. W. H. Jones (Brook farm Lyonshall) Champion Hereford "Blodwen" (Champion Royal Show 1921." (129). The bull is led to camera by Mr Jones (136). Horse jumping over water fence; and a fence (154). Pan right of rain-drenched spectators - mainly men (202). The `Cider Royal' tent at the show, pan right to `Hewthon' tent (225). A rider in top hat rides to camera (239); closer view of same while stationary (245). Parked cars, pan right to show spectators (262). The stand, the jump in front is taken by a horse (268). Spectators, in background sign for `W.H. Burgoyne & Sons show yard constructors of Lyonshall' (282). Pan along line of spectators, pony traps (similar to harness horse racing traps but with four-wheels) race by (301). "Mr. A. Turner's (Kington) "Habrough Victor". (309). A trap races by (317). Closer view of the trap and Mr Turner (322). A chicken coup exhibition (?) (326). A large float representing the local hospital is parked in a street. Women with collecting cans mill around the float (337). "Kington Horse Show. The 41st Annual Show held at Kington on Sept. 18th 1926." (342). A policeman directs traffic. Some of the buildings are hung with Union flags and the pavements are crowded with people (361). A marching band walks down the street past Burton Hall in shunshine (Shot similar to scene in 11-32ft) (413). "The Parade." (414). Bulls are led around the enclosure (437); horses are paraded (442). Pan right of the enclosure and site of the show (462). Closer view of bull parade (474). Two judges (?) (484). Pan left of spectators and cars (505). Pan right groups of women in cars (516). Further shots of spectators and cars (651). The `Cider Royal' tent (662). Other tents and the show (679). View of back of the crowds (693). Horse jumping (729). Pony trap race (745). The End (747ft).
Groups of people in the streets of Kington, Hereforshire; sports day and spectators. Main title (2). People in the street standing by the market cross (21). Another group standing outside a shop (30); similar scenes as in 2-21ft; similar scenes outside another shop and a public house (83); outside the Picture House advertising the Walker v Milligan boxing match (100). At the sports meeting: men buying tickets or placing bets (117). People milling about by the betting stands (137). Shots of spectators (159). A bicycle race in progress (181). Spectators (194). Motorcycle race (210). Spectators (244). "Motor Cycle Football" (246). Scenes of the football match where participants om motor cycles kick the ball (302ft). Abrupt ending.

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