Film: 1960

London | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Wartime London, England, Allied soldiers, mainly occupied Europeans. Propaganda to promote understanding between nations involved in World War Two 1940's

Piccadilly Circus. Feet on pavement. Aerial view of people walking by. Newspaper seller. Foreign newspapers on sale. The word Norway on a soldier's shoulder. A soldier buys a soldier in his own language (Czech?) and walks away. A woman picks up another newspaper. A Polish newspaper. Hellas, a Greek newspaper. Another man picks up a newspaper and walks off, aerial view of him walking along the pavement. A Number 2 bus.

01:50:00. A car pulls up outside the Czechoslovak Institute in London. Inside, a young woman in Scouts uniform shows a document to a young Czech man. A Czech library book with the title TGM is date stamped and the ticket is also stamped. A poster reading Recital Czech Popular Song. Another poster reads Sokol Display. A soldier stops to read a poster which says Sokol Display by Members of the Czechoslovak Army Tonight at 6.30pm. The lattice frame of a lift door closes on the poster, point of view from the lift going up. Soldiers of Allied nations, Polish, Norwegian, based in London during the war. Newspapers from Poland, Norway, Greece. On a red bus. Czechoslovakian Institute. Stamping out a library book. Notice board. Czech gymnastics to music in elegant room. Yugoslavia House, Lowther Gardens, St Slavo day and ceremony. King of Yugoslavia. Belgrave Square, Belgium Institute, restaurant, kitchen, chef cooks pastries, Belgium marionette, puppet show. Norwegian Institute, children in class. Norwegian talk , dance.

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