Film: 1961

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Across Canada by Steam Train in the 1920's

Montreal, Canada, the Metropolis, one of the world's greatest inland seaports! Panning shot of Montreal city centre. Cut to long shot of main street taken from apartment block. Cut to traffic crossing at intersection. Intertitle: "Passenger and Freight liners sail for the Seven Seas". Cut to panning shot of Montreal Harbour with steam ship in foreground. Intertitle: "Montreal, a city of famous churches, Notre Dame, the Basilica and many others"! Cut to exterior shot of twin-spired church. Church with large dome. Intertitle: Behind the mountain Oratoire St Joseph, Brother Andre's famous shrine, medium and close up of Oratoire. Snow on ground suggests winter time. Intertitle: McGill university among its famous institutions of learning. Cut to panning shot of University buildings and playing fields, Intertitle: The Stock Exchange and financial district. Exterior of Canadian Bank of Commerce, and streets in this district. Intertitle: Victoria and Harbour bridges span the mighty St Laurence. The bridge with train moving through screen left to right. Ocean liner passing under bridge (similar to a Small Forth Road Bridge) . Intertitle: "To the north lie the Laurentians, a summer and winter sports area. Shaky panning shots of hillside with skiers on snow covered slopes. Intertitle: Still northward, Laurentiales Park, Lake St John and other sections attract the sportsman. Man fly fishing. Intertitle: Mighty Quebec Bridge Carnes us to the capital. Close up of bridge with steam train moving rapidly towards camera and past. Intertitle: Here old and new mingle but never clash. Canadian Transporter ship. Contrast between steam ship and old sailing boat with rig in harbour. Steam ship passes over horizon on twilight night. Intertitle: An old Caleche takes us to the citadel, Wolfe and Montcalm fought and died on the plains of Abraham. Footage shot distinctly shaky at this point. Plains of Abraham. Exterior of castle. Intertitle: On nearby island of Orleans the clock has stood still. Old fashioned gas lamp on exterior of building. A man with horse and trap brings a visitor. Intertitle: Native handicrafts are still practised. A woman removes bread from a clay or stone oven. Another sits an her porch surrounded by ornate carpets. Intertitle: "The wayside shrine is found along all roads". Small church. Waterfall. Intertitle: "Ste. Anne de Beaupre shrine of many pilgrimages. Intertitle: The Ocean Limited speeds on past Gaspe the unspoiled. Train rushing past camera.

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