Film: 1965

Natural History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Intertitle: Florida USA - The Alligator Guard.
Dog on a wooden bridge turns to camera and wags its tail. Baby alligator on bridge ahead of dog. Same shot from different end of bridge- alligator in close up, dog behind. Extreme close up of alligator " evil eyes " as the beast crawls towards the camera. Alligator goes down a slide and splashes into a pool. Dog, a labrador, bites at the alligator's tail. Alligator hides in pool. Dog in enclosure with at least 100 baby alligators. Dog is nonchalant. Dog in enclosure with many adult alligators in pool (all of them bathing in pool). Dog seems unconcerned. The end. (c. 2 minutes)

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