Film: 1972

Road Transport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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An educational film based in a classroom where a fire engine comes to put out a fire nearby and the children get to see the firemen at work 1970's

A classroom with young children sat at desks writing. One boy brings his work to the teacher, a fairly young man in a brown suit with thick hair. He look up and says "listen, what's that?". Close-up of the children's faces as they listen. One boy says "it's a siren". The teacher walks over to the window and calls the children over to look at the passing red fire engine. The siren stops because the fire is close. The teacher suggests that they go outside and look. The children cheer and jump up and down excitedly. Shot from above of the firemen getting out of the fire engine and pulling out the hoses. View of a tall red brick building with two smoking windows. The firemen wheel the ladder over to the building. Close-up of the flashing siren. The teacher leads the children up to the fire engine and warns them not to get too close. Close-up of the side of the engine which reads "City of Birmingham". A fireman opens the side door to take out some equipment. He runs over to the ground and releases a drain cover. Close-up of a water main symbol. The teacher says that it is the water main. The fireman fixes a pipe onto the water main - "a stand pipe". Another fireman comes over and fixes a hose to the stand pipe. Two firemen climb the ladder to the smoking windows with the hose. The children look up and stare. The water is turned on and it quickly fills up the hose. Inside the blaze and the firemen putting out the flames. The smoking debris. The teacher holds up a girl so she can see. The hoses are turned off and the head fireman descends the ladder. The firemen put the hose away and wind down the ladder. Al the firemen put the ladder back into place on the engine. Close-up of the hose being rolled up tightly. The teacher asks if the children can have a look at the fire engine. The firemen show the children the various tools and they look inside the engine. Close-up of the flashing light and the bell and the buttons by the feet of the fireman which activate them. The radio and a message coming through about another fire from the fire station. The teacher ushers the children form the engine and the fire engine leaves for the other fire. Close-up of the wheels and the siren as it leaves.
Back in the classroom and the children are painting pictures and making models of fire engines. The teacher stands at the front of the class and addresses the camera. On the blackboard behind him is the water main symbol. He explains that every street has one and to look for the one on your street on your way home. They go through the sounds they heard during the fire.

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