Film: 1981

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W

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Food information and food rationing during World War Two 1940's

A young boy and girl play with blocks, with A, B, C, and D written on them, in an empty room. Animated eyes moving around. A dining room with along table, army officers in uniform sit at the table and eat a meal, one officer eats a carrot stick, which has vitamin A in it, good for the eyes. Another officer takes a cod liver oil tablet and then a swig of water. In the darkness, a man at the wheel of a lorry, the lorry driver needs vitamin A to see well in the dark. A miner walks down the coal shaft with a lantern held up against the ceiling. A pile of carrots. Three plates with eggs, cheese and butter ('National Butter') and a sign 'rationed'. Each of the portions shrink, and then are replaced by tomatoes, carrots and green leafy vegetable like cauliflower?!? Two shots of children eating, one of young toddlers and one of babies. A bottle of cod liver oil, to provide vitamin A to ensure proper growth. A series of building blocks, 'A' at the bottom, with tomatoes, carrots, green leafy veg, and 'Eyes and Growth' on the top.
The young girl puts out the 'B' beside the 'A' tower. Paratroopers parachuting out of airplanes, needing lots of energy and steady nerves. A paratrooper lands in a field during training, he runs along the ground and grabs his lines. A worker in a steel mill or an iron foundry, he shovels coal into a glowing furnace. Several shots of workers doing the same thing, all wearing goggles of some kind. An office, possibly a typing pool. Children climb on a playground. Loaves of wholemeal bread, bowls of oatmeal and small plates of dried peas,and beans and lentils. A vitamin 'B' tower block, with blocks of National Wholemeal Loaf, porridge, and dried beans and peas below 'Energy'.
The young girl outs out the 'C' block. A tall ship with square sails, like galleon, sails towards us. A sailor runs up the rigging to the spars on the nets along the sides of the mast. A animated montage of food rich in vitamin C. A woman picks vegetables in a garden. Harvesting cabbages, spinach. The farmer walks out of the field with two baskets. People working on their allotments. Home supplies of blackcurrant syrup, blackcurrant puree and concentrated orange juice from America. A hand puts two halves of a cabbage into boiling water and beats them under with a spoon. A pot boils and steam on the stove top. The smoke turns into 'C''s. A hand cuts a side of cabbage, and sprinkles the cabbage over a salad plate. An animated lamb jumps over the screen, and 'Spring' appears. Radishes, turnip tops, leeks, the Summer, broad beans, lettuce cauliflower and watercress. Autumn, Peas, runner beans, cabbage, mustard and cress, Winter, celery, sprouts, endive and spinach. The vitamin 'C' block tower, with all the green vegetables, and the green salads, and all the cabbages to give Fitness.
The girl puts the Vitamin d block out: for good teeth and strong bones. Margarine and fatty fish. Codliver oil and milk. A stack of 'Standard Margarine', on the back of one packet it says 'Contains vitamins A & D'. Obvious concern that people are getting the right nutrients. In a laboratory, a pipette of vitamin d is taken. A margarine manufacturer. Vitamin D is poured into the cream, by a white coated worker. Female assembly line worker measures the margarine packages as they come out of the machine. The Vitamin 'D' blocks, are margarine, sardines, herrings, for teeth and bones. The children build on top of the blocks arches with the word 'Health' spelt out above.

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