Film: 1989

Media | 1940 | Silent | B/W


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Photography. A series of short clips 1940's

A large liner. The captain waves from the bridge. The ship ploughs through the water. A plane flies. Front view of a train travelling. Large transmitter tower. Men sitting at a radio and telephone exchange. A dial telephone, the number in the middle is GERR 2666. A finger dials a number. Telephone exchange.

Cameras and cameramen on car roofs. Cells under a microscope. Space telescope. Eclipse. Archaeologists remove an Egyptian coffin and mummy and X-ray for archaeology. A young woman is X-rayed. Base of a large hot air balloon (?). It flies. Hurricane - cameraman in severe storm and floods. Water splashes on the camera. Men come down the steps of a house and fall into the sea. Developing negatives. Newspaper headlines from The Salt Lake Tribune report flood damage and deaths.

Various shots of laboratory tubes and scientists in white coats pouring liquids and chemicals. Liquids bubble in tubes. A machine records the sound waves of a French horn. A sign reads High Voltage. A man turns some controls. Coronation of King George, Princess Elizabeth. Gull catches fish. Time lapse flowers open. A glamorous woman in a elaborate collar. A man looks into a microscope. The lens pulls back gradually to reveal the eye of a boy, the shot of the boy is filmed in negative. A class of children watches an education film, the projector is visible. Close up of some of the children watching the film.

Horses gallop on a race track. View of the crowd. Three men stand on the stadium roof. Cameramen film the end of the race, it is a photo finish. A man looks at a photograph of the two horses at the end of the race.

A woman in Victorian dress sits very still as she poses for her photograph to be taken. Shots of various people including a man dressed as a king and a South American Indian. The River Thames. A train. People going up and down the steps of a station. A policeman directing traffic. Shots of London traffic. A Royal guard soldier. People drink tea in a park. A hand leafs through a book of Chaucer. A man dressed in eighteenth century costume sits writing with a quill. A crowded beach. Children in PE kits dancing. A girl dives into a pool. People play in the sea. Children playing. A little girl dances. A woman descends in a parachute. A woman on a merry-go-round. A rowing boat races.


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