Film: 1999

Natural History | 1950 | Silent | B/W


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Children learn about fish in an aquarium. U.S.A. Nicely shot film with good scenes of fish 1950's

A fish in a glass jar, a little girl stands looking at it. A woman, possibly a teacher, talks to a group of children and they smile at each other pleased with the news.
They fill a fish tank with water, lay some gravel in the base and put in some plants. A boy puts in some water snails and another pours in some goldfish from a jar. Close-up of the fish swimming about in the tank. Above the fish the word "oxygen" appears. A diagram of a girl standing in profile with her lungs highlighted. Air from outside the body shown entering the lungs. Diagram of a fish with the gills highlighted. Close-up of three fish in the tank with their mouths opening and closing. On the diagram the water is shown going in to the fish's mouth and out through the gills. Close-up of a fish's gills flapping. A girl opens a packet of fish food and drops some into the water, the fish come up to eat it. Diagram of the fish emphasising the fins. Two tadpoles swimming about in a tank. Diagram of their transformation from tadpoles to frog. Water snail sliding along the bottom of the tank. A hand reaches in and it hides in it's shell.
Shot of a river and the seashore.


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