Film: 2001

Feature Drama | 1920 | Sound | B/W


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A seated woman turns towards a door where a man wearing a dark coloured suit, is looking intently into his raised hand. A close-up of his palm reveales that ants are scurrying about over his hand. The woman turns in her chair and rises to join him. They both stare transfixed into his hand. Another close-up of the insects. The man and woman look at each other then back at the ants. Fades into a shot of a female armpit and a clump of hair. Fade into figure of short-haired person in an overcoat shot from above. S/he is in the centre of the shot and the surrounding frame is dark. S/he has a cane which is used to prod at a disembodied hand laying on the floor. The rest of the screen is lit to reveal a crowd of men gathered round the hand. The same crowd is then shown side-on. A policeman ushers the crowd away. Shot of woman holding the cane. Disembodied hand. Crowd look worried. Figure continues to prod the hand. The earlier couple watch from a window, above. He smiles. A policeman approaches the woman with the cane and salutes. He picks up the hand and places it in the striped box. She clutches the box to her chest. The couple look worried. The woman with the box seems pleased. A crowd has formed in a circle around the woman - seen from above. The rest of the street is empty. The Officers clear away the people, leaving only the woman cradling the box. The woman looks vacant - shot from ground. A car speeds past her. The man upstairs look on in nervous anticipation. He gestures his companion to watch. His POV as more cars go by, narrowly missing the young woman in the street. He bites his lip. The young woman remains oblivious as more cars and people go past her. Her POV - a car heading directly for her. She does not react. Shot of her (no box) with hands in the air. Next shot is her cradling the box and looking scared. Shot of car hitting her, the box is on the floor next to her. Man upstairs looks excited. His POV - young woman on the ground, box beside her. Men go to help her and a crowd form. Woman upstairs looks distressed. Man looks at her lasciviously and grabs her bosom. She backs away, appearing scared. He advances on her. She is trapped against a wall. Close-up of his hands grabbing her chest. She pushes him angrily away. He smirks and clutches her breasts. Fade into same shot except now the woman's body is naked. He is dazed and has blood trailing from the corner of his mouth. Fade into her bosom, now clothed. He still in trance with blood on his face. Close-up of his hands caressing naked female buttocks. His face - gasps then smirks. She pushes him in the chest and runs away. He pursues her and they run around the table, bed and past the window. She is cornered. There is a chair in front of her and she snatches a wall-hanging, raising it threateningly. He steps away and then rounds on her with a purposefull look on his face. He stops and ponders for a moment. He smiles and reaches down to pick up two pieces of rope. She gasps. He is pulling the rope over his shoulders but falls over because the other ends are attached to something out of the shot. There are concrete slabs attached to the rope, just by his shoulders. He continues pulling and falls to the floor again. She lowers her weapon. Long shot of room - it is revealed that each rope is attached to a piano. On each piano there is a dead donkey. Close-up of donkey's face with blood dripping from its eye socket. The man manages to move slowly forward with the pianos being dragged behind. The woman is scared and turns her face to the wall. Two men are seen being dragged along the floor as they too are connected to the rope. Various quick cuts of woman, donkey, pianos, and the man dragging the rope. He has nearly reached her, but she quickly escapes out of the door. He tries to follow but she traps his hand in the door and leans against it so he cannot come through. Ants appear on his palm. She looks distressed but continues to put pressure on the door. He curls his fingers over his palm.

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