Film: 2008

Feature Drama | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Drama of brilliant young people caught up in World War One and the loss of their future plans and dreams.

Lillian Gish - "The smile of the Gish girl is a bit of happiness trembling on a bed of death; the tears of the Gish girl.. are the tears that old Johann Strauss wrote into the rosemary of his waltzes" - George Jean Nathan. A very young Lillian Gish stands in front of an old fashioned grill in a pre- First World War kitchen. She gets down on her knees to talk to her mother while holding her wedding dress.
Intertitle: "The girl's wedding cloths stitched with white thread and whiter dreams."
Excited, she gets up and twirls around before sitting down in a chair. Lillian pretends the bundle of clothes is a small baby. her future husband enters and she hides her dress behind her back. He brings a letter which she reads: Academie des Goncourts - Paris 30/7/1914.

Sir: I have the honor to announce that your book entitles "Summer Seas" has won the annual prize given by our Academy. It is with many compliments, my dear sir, that I sign myself sincerely 'Member of the Academie des Goncourts.'
Lillian is delighted.
Intertitle: "The village cryer becomes important for the first time in his career"
A mixture of children and adults gather around to hear the town cryer. He attracts attention on a battered drum. Lillian and her fiance look on in the belief that he is conveying their good fortune to everybody. It becomes clear he isn't.
Intertitle: "I will see what it's about."

A poster in French appears on a wall. After a quick dissolve, the lettering becomes English and we can it is an order of general mobilization.
Intertitle: "Within a few days."
They exchange photographs of each other. Lillian is briefly upset at the thought of her fiance leaving.
Intertitle "Forever and ever".
He kisses her on both cheeks and passionately on her lips. He leaves.

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