Film: 2025

Media | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Filming and shooting early sound film.. Filming a big song and dance sequence. Camera in a sound proof booth. Sound man. Sound on disc lathes.

First scene: A curtain opens, we can see only the bright glare of footlights for a second, then a stage, with the silhouettes of an orchestra in the pit before it. Two microphones hang down over the orchestra. Onstage is an elaborate set - a huge painted image of a dog or a lion - almost cartoon-like, with scrolls down both sides of the face which create 'steps' down which the performers - all men, dressed in white trousers, striped blazers and hatless walk with a jaunty step, their arms swinging, onto the stage. The conductor conducts, looking back at the men as they spread out along the front of the stage. The camera seems to be high up almost in the 'gods', as wires etc are visible, particularly in the next shot, where the stage is even more distant. The men continue to walk round the side of the stage as the star of the show, a woman dressed in a white showgirls costume, enters the stage from the dog/bears mouth, which opens to let her out, its eyes move up and down, and the mouth closes once she is clear. She walks down the aisle created by the men on either side of her. They kneel down, then stand up again as she sashays to the front of the stage, singing. She stands, dancing with a gentle swaying movement as the men gradually file away.
Close-up of the showgirl as she sings - she is attractively made up in the classic 30's style - pencil-thin eyebrows, Clara Bow lipstick, and heavily made-up eyelashes. She has short blonde hair with a hairband, and kiss-curls along her hairline, and she rolls her eyes as she sings, giving a seductive look to the camera.

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