Film: 203

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Iron and Steel heavy industry 1950's

Animated diagrams explain how steel is made. Map shows the world's steel making areas including Britain. This film shows the massive steel works at Corby in Northamptonshire in its heyday. Steam train, giant muck stripper (crane, a feature of the skyline for those that knew the works at Corby in Leicestershire). Other cranes at work in Corby's open-cast mine. Limestone quarries further north, use of explosives. Steam train over viaduct. Coal mining scenes from Yorkshire, Steam train. Auto coal truck unloader shown. Coke manufacture. Blast furnace scenes. Pig Iron production-poured into "pigs" (moulds). Open ;hearth furnace loaded with scrap steel with molten pig iron being added plus other ingredients. Huge machines and furnaces shown at work. Steam train takes ingots to the Rolling Mill. Rolling Mill, white hot ingot to steel plate for ship-building. The Rod Mill and rivets manufacture.

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