Film: 2039

Feature Drama | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Farmers dig a huge long trench across country to irrigate their crops

A group of men wearing hats dig with pickaxes beside a stream. Other men come out of the trees dragging branches and also start digging. Close up of pick axes and shovels digging. Men run down a slope to join others who are lifting huge boulders using chains and horses. Some of the men are barechested. One man has a tattoo on his arm. Men continue to move rocks and boulders while behind them other men are digging. Shot of hands picking up rocks and boulders. A man wearing overalls stands in a field holding out a piece of wood, as though measuring. Another man hammers in a wooden post near where he is standing. Men dig in unison in a different place. Two men chop down a tree with axes. Close up of the axes cutting into the tree trunk. The tree falls. A car with a rope tied to the back drives forward to pull up the roots of the tree. More digging. Now the men are digging at night, with women holding lighted flares or torches to give them light. Another woman pours out a hot drink from a metal flask as the men hold out their cups. A young woman puts two cups on the stump of a tree trunk and pours out drinks, one of the men thanks her.

Daylight, a car pulls up. Two men are sawing into a tree trunk with a rope, another chops the tree with an axe. Other men carry logs. The tree falls. Men chop at the branches. Men carry planks of wood and flattened metal and build a bridge. Clouds of dust rise as the men dig. One man has fallen and is helped up by another. Barechested men in hats face each other in two rows and dig furiously. A crowd of children cheer. Children and women run up to the men, some women take the picks and dig. Men call to each other across the land they have been working on and the water starts to trickle. They carry on digging and water flows through the trench. Some of the men run alongside the running water. A boulder falls into the water and a man tries to lift it out. Men run downhill with the water, it rushes along the bridge they have built. A crowd of people stands cheering as the water rushes towards the crops. Men dive into the water and do somersaults in it. A horse runs through the water, dragging a man on a rope. A man rides through it on a motorcycle.

People gather crops. A cart passes, laden with straw, with the young couple at the front, the woman has a hat on her lap. The couple smile at each other.


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