Film: 204

Sport | 1950 | Sound | B/W


A film about body building and making yourself attractive to women 1950's

Man at dance with girl but another man cuts in and dances with her v/o do you find that you are a constant dreamer and others take things from you in life. He gets bullied by more attractive men.
People rush for a double decker bus and push to get on, man gets left behind. V/o do you find it a struggle to get on. Man sitting on bed smoking and reading magazine with pictures of women he dreams of being attractive and getting a girlfriend and then comes across a drawing of muscle man.The man looks up and thinks. Health and Strength League. Man flexes his muscles on stage inter cut with audience reaction, one of admiration from women and sneer from man. Men on stage continue to pose and flex their pex. Cut back to man in bedroom who gets up and looks in mirror and tries to flex his skinny arm muscles. Various muscle developing exercises. Including man using a weight to expand his arm muscles. And then does squats with dumb bell. Shows his shoulder muscles.Then lies on bench and puts weights above. Then does abdominal exercises Man in bedroom looking at exercise sheet and trying to use a chest expander. Another man then shows how to use it in the gym. Jokes about using chest expander and knocking things over in the process.
Lots of Mr Universe type muscle bound men doing exercises.Working out in gymnasium using dumb bells Weedy man comes to the gym wearing his hat and overcoat. He gets changed and goes into the women's gymnasium by mistake. Lots of sexist remarks over cs of women doing exercises. Weedy man goes into male gym and gets disapproving looks from big bloke doing exercise with dumb bell . Various shots of other fit looking men doing exercise with bar whilst weedy man tries to do the same. Shots of men putting weights above their heads. Shots of 2 men doing balancing acts and showing off their strength.Man on tightrope balances on one foot and then does handstand. Weedy man looks on in amazement. Then seen juggling on tightrope balancing on one foot. Champion gymnast works on parallel bars . Then another Olympic gymnast on single bar does somersaults. Third athlete shows hos prowess on rings. Weedy man swings on rings and bangs into other gym users. Then tries to do exercises with weights whilst other men do it perfectly. Makes mistakes and is thrown out of gym by big bloke Sit on steps. Receives telegram that he has won £50,000 on the pools, he gets all excited and throws out chest expander to rubbish outside.. Hurrah his money will now get him a wife ! A car with Just Married sign on the back. He and his blond bride outside their new smart house but he cannot lift wife over threshold. A burly man who is painting the window frame offers to help. Carries the woman through the door then weedy man kicks him out.

The moral of the tale is if you can't get fit get rich

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