Film: 205

Places + Locations | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Mexico in the 1930's

Mexico City street scenes with traffic passing by. Aztec ruins in the centre of Mexico City. Cathedral with ornate decoration, and one wall of which appeas damaged - victim of either subsidence or earthquake, and the wall has been stapled together. Palace of Fine Arts. Aztec Art. Statues including one to Coanacoch, and another to Charles IV by Manuel Tolsa. Public Park with balloon salesman walking on grass. People walk on terrace of castle overlooking the city. Teotihuacan with Sacred pyramids of the sun and the moon not far from Mexico City, probably built by the Nagwas? Shepherds with sheep. A boy holds a lamb and has his sheepdog at his feet. People drive cattle sheep and goats before them. Donkeys carrying hay. Men pulling small boats along canals. Dug-out canoes. The place of flowers. Elderly Indian has picked flowers and takes them to his dug out boat before paddling off, looking at the camera several times. Boats go to market and market day is a Saturday. People look at wares of market traders. Traffic in crowded street. Man riding tiny donkey home. Sits sideways on animal. Party boats for wealthy people. Evening cruises. Tortilla seller in boat. Woman steers boat with two small children in it.

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