Film: 209

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1970 | Sound | B/W


Politics in Argentina South America in 1972

Juan Peron returns from exile. Beef farming. Part of Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America - quite good. Shanty town, industry, motor industry, production line. Student demonstrations. La Noose the president. Documentary on the state of Argentina in 1972 as Peron returns. City view of Buenos Aries. Park. Tanks rolling down Avenue with soldiers. Military trucks with soldiers inside. Four soldiers in a jeep. A driver with his sleeves rolled up, soldiers behind, one smoking. All wear helmets. Group of soldiers march through maket. People sanding on the roof of a building. Banners on rooftops. Bus arrives, Juan Peron descends from bus after 17 years of enforced exile. People cheer. He waves to people.
Immense waterfalls. Cowboys or gauchos on horses. Port. Big boats or ships, tiny boats. Buenos Aries port. Stack of cow hides. Hoisting onto ship. Meat hauled onto ship. Wheat in a jute back hauled onto ship. Tug boat. Avenue with a needle in the middle of it. Men and women walk in the market buying fresh goods. Woman with basket into which vendor places fruit. Shanty town with five barefoot children. People hang laundry outside huts. Mother holding baby. Inside hut there are pots and pans mixed up with clothes. Woman feeding baby. Boy eating food with hands.

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