Film: 2122

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Drama concerning the social consequences of World War One, dealing with the widow and child of a soldier.
Interior of a public house, bar, pub around the 1920s. Along the back of the bar we can see a small Union Jack, some plates and some tankards. A soldier in high spirits dances with a young woman. The barman is dressed in a white coat and serves a young flapper woman a cup of tea or coffee. Close up of the young woman. She is very pale and closes her eyes. The soldier tries to get her to drink the coffee but to no avail. The woman now looks bewildered and confused. A policeman arrives on the scene. On the woman he finds a letter addressed to Sir Francis Villiers, 87 Sheraton Square, London W1. The young woman leaves with the policeman. Interior of a house. A wealthy young woman leaves with the policeman. Interior of a house. A wealthy young woman wearing pearls holds a young baby in her arms. An older man dresses in a tuxedo with a bow tie appears and stands behind the chair the woman and baby are on. He looks up longingly at a coat of arms on the wall. Intertitle - "A son?". Cut to a young army officer. It appears that this title should have been placed after the shot of the army officer because it hints but doesn't explicitly clarify who asks the question. Exterior of 87 Sheraton Square. The policeman and the young woman from the bar approach. Interior the army officer, a young woman dressed in an ornate 1920s style dress plus the grandparents who admire the baby. The policeman knocks on the door. A servant dressed in a tuxedo and bow-tie brings the young woman in. The policeman follows . The young woman enters the living, waiting room. She picks up the baby. The older says " You have made us happy dear in the happiness you gave our boy"
Close up of the young woman who nods her head but is clearly close to tears. The older woman looks at her sympathetically. The older man looks up at the coat of arms. Clearly she is the mother of the young child. Her husband has been killed in the war and it is her mother-in-law who is reassuring her.
Intertitle "Another Armistice day and the world at peace" The officer and the young woman arrive at the townhouse in a sports car. They enter the house. In the lobby the young lady throws off her hat onto a table and stands at a doorway listening. A dog lies asleep on a carpet. Intertitle the young woman says "Father's asleep". The young man and woman enter the father's study. She approaches his desk where he is writing. The young officer says " Ann and I, Sir we want to get married". The father pauses for thought. Shot of Big Ben. It is 11am. A ceremonial gun to commemorate Armistice is fired. Documentary footage of the King is used to show members of the Royal Family paying their respects. Panning shot of central London where thousands of people are commemorating Armistice. They take off their hats. The old man and the army officer stand to attention. Cut to documentary footage of the Cenotaph. Cut to the interior of the house. The mother and daughter turn from the camera towards the photograph of the son who has been killed. Further shots of the crowd observing the two minutes silence outside St Paul's Cathedral. Brief shot of builders and scaffolders standing on the steel beams of a building being constructed. A gun fires to signify the end of the two-minute period. The crowds relax and put on their hats. Buglers sound reveille. The father turns round to look at the expectant couple. The film ends abruptly.

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