Film: 2152

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Sound | B/W


Shakespeare's 'Taming Of The Shrew'.
Douglas Fairbanks as Petruchio. A large dog barks. He laughs heartily. He runs up the stairs from the banquet hall. He opens the door to Katherine's bedroom. She lies sleeping deeply. He slams the door but she doesn't stir. He purposely walks into a stool, kicking it over and yelling in pain. He picks up the stool and throws it at the other door. It hits the door with a bang. She still doesn’t move. He looks at her in puzzlement and then clears his throat and starts singing. She pinches her face p and goes back to sleep. He yells with his feet up at the table. He looks over at the bed. Mary Pickford claps from where she sits in the bed. Petruchio looks puzzled as she seems so happy, he goes to the window and opens it. All the blankets on the bed fly about and her hair becomes messed as the wind sweeps into the room. She tries to look pleasant though. She gets out of bed and opens the second window pane, but almost gets knocked over by the wind. She takes deep breaths. Fairbanks looks concerned, and closes both the windows. Kate looks disappointed but then smiles. The famous moon/sun dialogue. Fairbanks looks distractedly for something he can cross her with, he grabs the blankets off the bed and find a spot. Kate nods wisely, and finds another spot and throws the entire bed on the floor. Fairbanks goes to the table and drains his glass of wine. Fairbanks sits at the table looking desperate. Kate sits in the bed on the floor looking shy and provocative. He grabs her pillow away, she hits her head on the wall. They fight over the pillow, then end up pushing each other. She throws a stool at him and hits him in the eye, she runs over concerned. She helps him get up and carries him over to the bed. He overacts though and she smiles secretly. She picks up a whip that lies on the floor and throws it in the fire. The banquet where Katherine tells off Bianca for being a bad wife. Petruchio looks on with his eye bandaged. Everyone raises their glass as Katherine falls into his lap and they sing a rousing drinking song.

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