Film: 216

Shipping | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Whaling 1940's
It is early October at Southampton Docks on a misty dawn. A whaling ship sets off for Antarctica with a crew of 400 men. The vessel is a factory ship. At Cape Town 'Catcher Ships' join the factory ship on its voyage. Scenes of icebergs and pack ice. Steamer ships. Between the Ross Sea and the South Shetlands are the whaling grounds. Harpoon check, Aeroplane launched by catapult from the ship. Whale search is on. 'There she blows!' the chase is on and the Blue Whale is hit by the explosive harpoon. Whale filled with compressed air and brought alongside the ship. Regulations mentioned. Scenes aboard the factory ship with men like midgets working on the huge carcass. Steam saws used. Uses of whale blubber, bones and meat etc. outlined. Tanker refuels the factory ship and its load of whale oil and other products are transferred for the trip back to England. The whale shown in this film belongs to the species Sibbald's Rorqual, better known as the Blue Whale. This creature is the largest animal ever known to have inhabited the Earth. Specimens have been recorded up to a length of 180 ft and weighing over 136 tons.

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