Film: 2163

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


The story of Tsar Alexandre I or tzar Alexander reigns in Russia around1820 and the early revoutionaries attempts to overthrow him.
Officer coming down steps. Lead soldiers moved by an officer. Boots and soldier's hat. Soldiers marching. Close-up of hand about to push first lead soldier row. Castle near St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg street with horse drawn coach moving. Women sat down on steps chatting. A wealthy woman comes out of the coach. Everybody in the palace is rushing to be ready before her arrival. Luxurious living room. Two men fighting as a game (fencing). Close-up of pipe smokes by officer. Two gentlemen take off their protection and stop the fight. Two riders. Two men sat down playing cards around a table. Young man smile. Some riders galloping. Man trying to rape young woman. Young guy hear a noise and rush at them and tries to defend his girlfriend. Man is too strong and kick him out left alone with the young woman again. An old man get in the room and beat the 'raffer' with a wooden stick, the woman escapes but the old man start being beaten by the 'raffer'. Poor people around rebel and set themselves against the 'raffer'. Two officers arrive on time to stop the riot. Poet speaking up. Young man running towards neighbour castle. Young woman terrified talking to two other officers. Poet congratulated and budged by his surroundings. Young man fall down in front of them. Young man tell the poet what happened.

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