Film: 2166

Feature Drama | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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"St. Bartholemews eve. Upon the doorways of the Huguenots -the chalk of doom." A soldier, walking along with a piece of paper, looks up at the doorway of Brown Eyes' house, and draws a large X by it. Brown Eyes is awake in bed, her sister lies next to her. Another cross is drawn. "Prospers lodgings across the town" The soldier who approached and was rejected by Brown Eyes, marching by, sees the crosses and stops in his tracks. "In the temple of love. The sacred dance in memory of the ressurection of Tammuz. A statue stands on an inlayed pedestal, around it, dozens of people bow their heads and raise their arms in prayer. Across the steps of Babylon. The point of view moves in to the girls dancing in unison across the stairway. A man and woman dressed in short tunics dance angularly. Around them women stand, their hands crossed at their throats. Suddenly they all lunge forward and pose and move together. In a dark room, piles of pale women writhe. The orgy in in progress. A pot carved with leopards heads blazes. On the steps the dancers move in unison. Pan up from the legs of a seated woman dressed in a small swathe of muslin. Around her, women rock to and forth. Two women throw off their black robes to reveal white flimsy robes hung with flowers, they hold up goblets. A woman in a beaded costume and head dress sways on a table looking down at two men and a woman who watch her, reaching up, offering her items. The same scene from the other side of the room, where women covered by drapes of fabric lie. On the Babylon steps the dancers move in unison. Belshazzar sits on an embroidered throne. Around him, women in white kneel stroking him and offering him things. To the left, also seated is his Beloved. She wears heavy eye make up and holds a flower smiling. "Beloved - a white rose from Beloved" She inhales the scent of the rose then places it into a tiny cart pulled by two white doves, who walk to where Belshazzar lies. She looks away, coyly as he holds up the rose, looking at her. "The gates manned with their own guards, the priests are guided by the Rhapsode on their mision of treason to the camps of Cyrus" A cart stops at the gates of the city. The Rhapsode jumps out and embraces the Mountain Girl who stands watching. As he leaves, she looks around the corner to see the priest and his entourage preparing to leave the city. The gates open. A drunken man in a flower-strewn cart beckons her aboard. "In the interests of her prince - a little flirtation" She looks up at him and grins, winking enthusiasticly. She takes the reigns and before the gates close, pushes him off the carriage, riding off. "Suspicious of the hated priests journey, she uses the password and follows them." She rides off through the gates. The white figure rocking the cradle. "The muskateer of the slums siezes an oppertune time to visit the little wife." The boys boss, seeing his girl to be sleeping, puts on his hat and leaves. In another room the boy and his two friends sit drinking. The boss' girl, having feigned sleep, races after him, shoving a gun in her purse. The 'Dear One' makes herself presentable. As the boss walks up the staircase to her flat, one of his boys ducks down, watching him go. The boss bends down, spying on the 'Dear One' through the keyhole, a lecherous look on his face. The girlfriend, at the bottom of the stairs, watches the boss greet the 'Dear One', saying "You go in and get the adress where the kid is." He follows her into her rooms and she motions him to sit down. While she's looking for the adress, he locks the door, pocketing the key. The girlfriend, in black, sidles up to the door. Inside, the boss is saying -"You know me - I can get your baby for you." Outside the door, the girlfriend bites her lip nervously. The boys friend runs to where he is sat drinking saying "Just saw the boss go up to see your wife." The boy runs off. Inside the flat, the 'Dear One', finding the adress, hands it over to the boss, but instead of taking it, he clasps her hands. She struggles, terrified, but he puts his hands over her mouth. Outside, the tormented girlfriend jumps out onto the hallway window ledge to hide from the boy who comes bounding up the stairs. He knocks on the door. The girlfriend climbs carefully along the side of the building to the window sill leading into the flat. The boss and the 'Dear One' struggle as the boy thumps on the door. As the boy breaks down the door, the girl reaches the window and peers into the flat. The boss punches the boy and the 'Dear One' is left in a heap on the floor. The boss lifts a chair and as he is about to smash it over the head of the boy to finish him off, the girl leans through the window and shoots him in the stomach. Falling into the hallway, he dies. The girl throws the gun through the window into the flat and jumps down to the ground to run away. The boy, confused as to what happened, picks up the gun. The police have been called by the neighbours and they burst in to find the boss dead and the boy holding the gun, leaning over his body. The boy and the 'Dear One' are escorted away by the policemen. Elsewhere, the boss' girlfriend sits, worried about what she's done. "Nearing the end of the boys trial for murder" A packed courtroom. The policeman speaks on the witness stand, holding the gun. The 'Dear One' sits, chewing nervously at her hankerchief. The guilty girl sits watching. The judge looks on as the boy takes the stand. "Loves brave encouragement" The 'Dear One' waves at the boy. A suited man speaks, presenting the gun to the boy, who nods. A flashback of the boy giving the gun to the boss, he throws it down on a table. In the audience, the girl looks restless. The prosecuter talks animatedly. The boy stand up yelling "Yes, it was once my gun - but I - I - didn't do it." The judge calls for order. The boy sinks down into his seat. The 'Dear One' looks up tearfully, wringing her hands. "The maiden case of the boys attorney" The man stands up, pointing, he says "I mean - can we hang - I mean it's only circumstantial evidence." The 'Dear One' looks from him to the boy nervously. "The verdict - guilty. Universal justice, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a murder for a murder." The jury stand as the verdict is read out. "Outside the Roman Judgement Hall, the verdict of Pontius Pilate - "Let him be crucified." In the streets, Jesus walks, carrying a cross, all around him, crowds jeer, the Roman soldiers whip them back.

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