Film: 2168

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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Stars Dressler, Chaplin and Normand.
At party / dance. Footman taps maid on shoulder. She pulls his white wig, stamps on his toe. Chaplin and his big wife dance, maid taps Chaplin's shoulder - he is embarrassed, wife nonplussed, maid falls over, she bumps into waiter. He criticizes her, she sticks her tongue out behind his back. She drinks punch. Charlie and wife dance. She swings him around and he falls down. Maid starts getting drunk, throws punch over Charlie by mistake. Waiter intercedes, but Charlie hits him. Maid slaps Charlie's face with both hands. Maid slaps waiter. Marie Dressler does terrible solo dance. Charlie and maid sit down on secluded couch - he just avoids getting is leg over - risque. Maid kisses Chaplin's ear - he is ecstatic and throws cushion in air. Wife pushes man's face into punchbowl. Wife sneaks up on couple on couch. They run and fall over. Wife throws cream cakes and hits lady and gentleman in face. Wife fires gun - all fall down. Chaplin knocks three people over. Chaplin sits on chair, his wife fires gun at his feet, and he falls off back of chair. Wife keeps firing, footman falls down. Lots of people fall down. Wife falls over tiger rug. Charlie climbs in large vase, and rejects maid who hides under bearskin rug. "Five Hours Later" wife still rants. She acidentally breaks vase, Charlie falls out and she grabs him. Maid watches from beneath bearskin rug. End of Study Extract.

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