Film: 2169

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Billie Bevan comedy. Leaves his office. Three people in car, it collapses. Caravanette. Black chauffeur, low bridge, let down tyres, roof rack knocked off. Car going up steep slope. Breaks down. Runs backwards, crashes into caravan which nearly falls off cliff. Tie rope to bumper, rope snaps, car knocks down telegraph pole, hits passenger on head, laughs at broken rope. Tries again, succeeds. Wave rag to bull, charges and hits car, pushes it up hill. Cactus gag, gusher, splashes man, spines over face. Cross state line. Throw away umbrellas, red blankets. It pours down. Drive on bogged down, splashed by passing car. Push cart out of bog. Fall in puddles. Lots of laughing. Test depth of water, okay. Then drive into deep hole. Climb out of roof of caravan. Car drives over top. In office, Billy in 'plus-fours' and golf club. Recognition of new boss as man he had previously annoyed. Laughs. Boss rolls up sleeves. Fight behind closed doors, secretaries listens. Billy emerges beaten up. Thrown out of office. Women collapse in car, it collapses.

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