Film: 217

Places + Locations | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Cuba, West Indies, Central America. Splendour of Cuba in the 1930s.

Havana, capital of Cuba
Ship in Havana. Exterior "Sloppy Joe's Bar" ( several cars). Interior, crowds sit on high bar stools of a cocktail bar. Aerial view of Presidential Palace. Travelling along "El Prado" (beautiful promenade).

Capital building. Historic view: Ex President (Dictator) Gerardo Machado y Morales in the centre of a group leaving the Capital for the last time. (Machado resigned to government in August 1933 and left the country for good).

Travelling down El Prado" , clubs, hotel, restaurants and handsome residences. Towards Ocean Driveway. Malo Castle. Statue General Macedo. Travelling through beautiful boulevard with little trees in the middle. Palatial beach house. People on beach, exclusive clubs in the background (Yatch Club and Military Club).

"San Souci" a beautiful huge road house, night club and pleasure garden. Cuban rumba dance (man and woman with frills, fairly extensive) party atmosphere.

View from train on the way to Matanzas ( lots of vegetation and palm trees).
Matanzas port ( North coast of Cuba, sugar export in large scale). Rope making Industry ( from sisal). Group of kids standing, sisal plantation in the background.

Royal palms (national tree of Cuba).

Trinidad (south coast Cuba) , church, people gathered in streets. Cowboys show off horsemanship.

Camaguey city ( Central Cuba)
Prosperous city streets.
The voiceover tells about Camaguey province is very important in copper mine, sugar plantations and timber. And that the well-known guava jelly and Camaguey cheese is made here.
Open street market. Spanish style cathedral. Altar with "Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre" (patron of Cuba).
Camaguey Hotel. Patios with enormous jars. Women posing with canyon. Cuban elite ladies (Spanish descendents).

Cuban family in their private garden. Gentleman farmer on horse back. Pasture land, cattle and Cuban cow boys. Cuban cowboy.

Train tracks, travelling shot from train from Camaguey north west to Nuevitas (Atlantic shore). The voice over tells us that Nuevitas is an American settlement and that their main industry is the cultivation of oranges). Huge mango trees. Mamonsillo tree (Honey berry tree). Two wealthy ladies eating mamonsillo.

Train tracks, travelling shot from train from Nuevitas to Santiago de Cuba (far east end of Cuba).

Santiago de Cuba
The voice over tells us that Santiago is famous for the final victory of the Cubans over the Spanish.
Narrow slopping streets with lots of people walking and cart. Tram. Cathedral.
Bacardi rum distillery, the opening gates of the Bacardi estate, interior of the distilleries, vats.

Group of women enjoying a relax time in balcony. Two men in balcony with view of city in background. The voice over tells about admiralty Pascual Servera.


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