Film: 2171

Feature Drama | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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English Subtitles
Fight in a bar.
A sailor leaves a boat, climbs the quayside. In a passage, in the harbour. Distant laughter. As he passes, a glass crashes against the wall behind him. He turns. The entrance of the 'velo bar'. He asks a girl what's going on. 'Morolt is drunk.' He goes to the entrance. Morolt, drunk, in the bar, talking loud. The others look at him. He spots the sailor, throws a glass at him. The sailor ducks. Then enters. Goes to the counter. Morolt throws more glasses. The customers laugh. Morolt throws another glass, nearly hits a lady who doesn't look pleased (his wife?). She stands up, goes to him. 'Morolt, take me home.' He doesn't want to, tries to force her to drink. Presses her head on the counter. The sailor stops him. They look at each other. The sailor orders a cognac. Morolt grabs the bottle, pours a glass. 'Drink that!' The lady approaches slowly, takes the glass. The sailor stops her. Morolt: 'Drink it'. Sailor: 'No!' etc. Morolt tries to hit the sailor. The sailor throws him to the floor. A dog barks. Morolt gets up, runs against the sailor. They both fall down. The sailor wants to leave. Morolt throws a knife , it sticks in the sailor's leg. Morolt tumbles to the sailor. The sailor crashes a bottle on his head. They both fall down. The customers carry the sailor out. The lady, closely behind.

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