Film: 2184

Animation | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Betty Boop Cartoon
A large coffee pot entitled 'Ye Olde Quainte Coffee Potte' is where we first see Betty Boop working as a waitress. An angry waiter thrusts a plate through a hatch and shouts 'Ham on Rye, Corned Beef and cabbage' and a stream of other orders which she manages to satisfy quickly by dishing out the food on plates. Betty carries a stack of plates over to the sink to be washed. She 'attaches' a new one to her head which is dried by a washtowel attached to a fan (electrical). Betty continues to make funny remarks more to herself than the audience. The waiter barks more orders. she carries more dishes to the sink to be washed. There is a knock at the door. Betty opens it. A very small man with overgrown hair delivers a telegram. Telegram contents -
Miss Betty Boop. Ye Olde Quainte Coffee Potte. City.
Your application for position as nursery attendant accepted. Report immediately for instructions.
J. Wilbur Wachola - Supt. Bundle from Heaven Nursery - City
Cut too Betty Boop celebrating. She takes off her apron, puts on her hat and leaves the kitchen. As Betty walks along she sings "Off with the old job, on with the new. That's what I'm gonna do, and now I'm through feeling blue...." She walks up a small pathway to the Bundle from Heaven nursery. A conveyor belt carries babies to a small basin where they are dropped. Betty applies soap and cleans them. She persuades an angry faced baby to have his teeth cleaned. A series of machines dry the baby, apply talcum powder, put on a new nappy and enable the babies to be fully clothed without any help from the nurse. Betty stands at the door of the nursery as the children get into their mechanical beds in unison. Betty says " oh, the little angels!!" When she closes the door, the children jump up and play around. General children's horseplay ensures. Betty discovers the children and is so shocked her hair stands on end. A pillow fight starts between two of the children. Betty is hit by a pillow. Betty picks up two of the babies by their nappies. A series of babies play on a trampoline and end up on a pillow luckily situated on the floor. A large pile of babies gather on the floor with Betty underneath. Cut to living room scene. With a torrent of water coming from a hose pipe held by a baby. Betty is caught up in the flow of the hose and bounces on top for a few minutes. She falls down all wet and bedraggled. Betty runs from the nursery home, and takes up her job as a waitress/cook with joy.

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