Film: 2190

Feature Comedy | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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The wagon of a circus. 'The whipsnade circus rolls into town followed by bill collectors and the law.' A fairground. W.C. Fields enters a wagon and is frightened by the closing door. He puts out of a bag a bottle and some coins, counts them. Opens the window, rings a bell, the till is open. He sells tickets. A man brings a pot in the wagon, puts it on the floor. Another one sits down next to Fields, with a box, inflates balloons. Another one pours a bucket of water in a vessel. Another one, with broom and bucket, enters. One of them leaves. One more (smoking a cigar, dressed elegantly) enters. Another one with a rack passes. Another man flies in. They argue about money (one of them, a Union member, suspects Fields paying to little money). After a while Fields sells tickets again. A shot, his head flies away. He gives two customers too much money back. the Union man complains about something. The customers count the money they got. They find out that Fields doubled the bills and gave them actually too little money. They want to revenge. The union man leaves Field's hat flies away. The customers complain about their change. Fields knocks down the window on their heads, then again. They are led away. Another man enters; time for Field's bath. fields leaves the wagon. Undresses (behind a curtain). Takes soap. An elephant puts his trunk into a bucket of water, showers Fields. Fields sings. He dries. A bell. Fields puts on his hat (only), leaves the bath... walks behind a carriage. Screaming, he moves his arms wildly... walks on and we see that he never took of his trousers. He gets a coat, puts it on, goes into the wagon. In the circus. He dresses in suit and top hat, grabs his coat, leaves... His suspenders stick to the floor, snap back. He turns, is about to hit his assistants, then goes on. The two angry customers see him. He rides on a horse carriage through the crowds (jumping aside), the customers run after him...
'The next day in another country.'
The circus, a balloon. The angry customers from yesterday. They go to Fields next to an elephant. They argue. The elephant fills his trunk. The customers threaten to come again (with the sheriff?). Circus wagons, racing along. Fields peers out of the rear window. The sheriffs car, chasing the wagons. The wagons. The sheriff. The wagons cross the state line, one after another. At last the elephant (with a man riding it). Then the car. It brakes. 'Well, he got away from us.'

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