Film: 2194

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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'Extracts from a letter from Charlie Chaplin to his best girl: 'I made tracks for the track.'
The kid auto race. Kids race around the corner. Kids box car race. Chaplin among the spectators. An official sends him away. He sees the camera, looks at it, walks away, slowly. Comes back, walks up and down. Kids race. Spectators. Kids race. At the finish line: some cheer. Charlie in front of the camera. An assistant pushes him away. They put their tripod up on a different position. Charlie walks in front. Stops, turns, poses. Assistant pushes him away. He jumps back before a car, continues to walk up and down in front of the camera. Looks. Assistant pushes him away (on the ground). Cheering crowds. Charlie stands up in front of the camera. Sticks out his tongue. The ramp. A car races down, nearly hits Charlie who picks up his hat. He goes, comes back, bows before the camera, goes again. Poses in front of a different camera. Assistant talks to him, kicks him aside. Charlie argues, is pushed aside. Comes back, makes a face in front of the camera.
'Your ever so loving Charlie.
P.S: Just heard my picture won't pass the Censor.'

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