Film: 2201

Industry + Work | 1900 | Silent | B/W


American fireman in action.
He sits and dreams of his wife and child. Alarm bell rung on street. Fire fighters leap from beds and slide down pole. Horse drawn fire engines leave the fire station and rush through the streets. Arrival at burning house. Inside woman gets out of bed, sees fire holds up arms in despair and faints. Fireman enters and rescues woman and a child by carrying them out of the window. Two firemen then re-enter the room and hose it down. Exterior of house, firemen rush about, figure (the woman seen earlier) appears at upper window and waves arms about, firemen set up a ladder to reach the window, the person is carried out while other fire fighters aim their hose at the rest of the house, firemen then goes back to rescue child. (Primitive non editing here -we see same event from the interior and then the exterior, one after the other)

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