Film: 221

Sport | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Wrestling 1940's Excellent and very humerous commentary.
Intro compares wrestling to war - kill or be killed.
The different techniques and styles in wrestling. The banned moves of hair pulling limb breaking and eye gouging. However, there is always free style wrestling and the referee is floored by one of the wrestlers. Ref explains the rules.
Some of the star wrestlers are Harry Wilkes , " Jumping Jim Hussey ", Jack Fi , Mad Mountain Jim. They do two against two, tag wrestling. Men get thrown out of the ring and climb back in. Some of the wrestling is definitely for the crowd (very suspect) One of the wrestlers sits on top of the other three. Commentary says that in such cases the ref will count the legs and divide by 4 to see how many men are in the ring! Women in the audience find it hard to watch. The bout continues. One of the wrestlers gets thrown out of the ring, ref counts the legs again! Ref gets thrown out of the ring. Crowd appauld.
Very funny film.

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