Film: 2210

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Marriage banquet or wedding breakfast. Party hats and balloons which drop from the ceiling. Men wear dinner suits. Man gives toast to his fiancee. She smiles and drinks from her glass. Other man and woman smile and look disapproving and sit quietly talking at table as party goes on. Louise Fazenda cannot get cocktail olive / cherry out of her glass - it keeps falling back in. She sucks her fork. Her fingers cannot reach the olive - close up of glass with fingers wiggling in it. Turning the glass upside down does not allow the olive to roll out. She hits upturned glass with teaspoon. She thinks and puts her fingers to her mouth. Louise pours water into glass to float the olive which she removes with her fingers and shows to people before dropping olive down the front of her dress, her cleavage. She tries to remove olive with tablefork but stabs herself before successfully removing olive.

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