Film: 2211

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Sound | B/W


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Comedy about a man who has a wild and vivid dream after eating and drinking too much. Gluttony. Trick photography.
A man with a top hat sits scoffing food at a table surrounded by empty bottles of beer. He is a messy eater and slops food everywhere. Outside, he stumbles around drunk. Sequence where he stumbles around trying to hold onto a lamp post which by means of special effects lurches around. He clutches onto a lamppost and is helped down by a policeman. Having got home, he manages to get into his nightwear and slumps onto his bed. It is a sparse room with only a table and two chairs but a city view. He looks up and sees his furniture moving around. Close-up of his head lying on the pillow and images of his dream appearing above him. After a puff of smoke three little devils jump out of a cooking pot and start to hit his head with their tritons. In pain, he mouths "ow!" in his sleep. He wakes suddenly and covers his head with the covers. His bed starts jumping up and down violently and spinning around. It then smashes through the window and flies through the air over the city. The man hangs on to the headboard for dear life with his legs flapping about in the air. The bed flies further and further up and the man falls down and lands on a weather vane caught by his night gown he spins around calling for help. It rips and he falls through the sky, crashes through the ceiling and lands back on his bed. He wakes up from his dream panicking and shaking.

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