Film: 2221

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Buster trying to pull the Navigator with a boat; then he and the girl in the night on the ship.
Buster and the girl on the Navigator, at breakfast. Buster spots a ship. On deck. They wave. Buster pulls up a flag. Girl: 'Put up that bright one!' Buster does so. The other ship. On the bridge. An officer looking through binoculars. The flag - 'She's quarantined.' They turn. The turning ship. Buster and girl, despaired. The ship, driving away. The girl has an idea: 'Try and catch them!' On the upper deck. A lifeboat. Buster and the girl try to lower it via pulleys into the water. It hangs at the top. Buster climbs in, and the girl lowers it, then lets go the rope. Boat and Buster fall into the water. Buster climbs into the boat, rows. The girl, running on he deck. Buster at the anchor. The girl at the bow. Buster has tied his boat to the navigator and tries to pull the Navigator. From the distance. The disappearing other ship. Buster in his boat that's nearly sunk, waving to the ship. 'Hey! Wait a minute!' He continues rowing. The girl, shouting. Buster's boat, sinking. Buster swims to the Navigator. The girl, on deck. Buster, swimming. The girl with a lifebelt. Buster. Girl, throwing the belt down. It hits Buster on the head. He surfaces in the ring, clings to a hook. The girl pulls up the hook, clings to the rope and goes down, while Buster goes up. Buster, on deck, looks for the girl. Spots her in the water, tries to pull her up -- too heavy. He lets down a ladder. The girl is too weak to climb up. Buster jumps down, swims to her and tries to help her climbing up. She faints. He carries her over his shoulder, climbs. On deck. He lays her into a folding chair, it folds. He tries to unfold it with the girl in it, but doesn't succeed. He carries the girl to the side, erects the chair. Meanwhile, the girl regains consciousness and tumbles away. Buster has finished and turns - but the girl is away. He sees her walking away, sits down on the chair and it collapses.
'By the time they were ready to say "good night", they had found a couple of sea-going tuxedos.' Buster and the girl, dressed as sailors, going into their cabins. Buster. He puts the candle aside, lays down. The girl lies down, then spots a picture of a fierce looking sailor. She turns to the other side. The bunk above Buster's crashes down on him. He falls out of the bed. The girl wakes up. Buster tries to replace the bunk. The girl takes the picture with the sailor, looks around. Buster opens a porthole, lies down. The girl throws the picture over board. It catches a nail and swings up and down in front of Buster's porthole. Buster, sleeping. The 'sailor', peering every two seconds through the port hole. Buster turns and spots the sailor. He is frightened. Again he hides beneath his sheets. Looks hides again. Runs away, with the sheet over his head. Outside the cabin. The girl sees Buster dressed as a ghost (because of the sheet), is frightened, runs away. Buster looks into his cabin, sees the sailor, runs. The girl, expecting the 'ghost', knocks him down with a broom, apologizes, helps him up. A barrel tips over Buster and the girl, cautiously, walk into the freight room. It is dark. A box: 'Giant fire crackers'. Buster grabs for one (shape of a candle), gives it to the girl, takes another one out of a box: 'Candles. They look for matches, the girl outside. Buster finds one, kicks a box aside. The 'Candles' turn out to be 'Roman Candles'. He lights his roman candle. Smoke and sparks. The girl lights her cracker. She sees Buster's candle, drops her cracker and runs away. Buster drops his Roman Candle, runs out. The cracker explodes, he falls down, runs away. Sits down in an armchair with a blanket. Underneath the blanket: the girl. They sit down on two armchairs next to each other. A door knocks against a record player. The record: 'Asleep in the Deep' by Wilfred Glenn. buster and the girl, sitting comfortably, covered with blankets. The door sets the player in motion the record plays. The words: 'Danger is near thee'. Buster and the girl look at each other. 'Many brave hearts are asleep in the Deep ' Buster and the girl sink into their armchairs. 'BEWARE' Buster jumps up. On deck. All the doors open simultaneously. Close again (because of the heavy sea). Buster comes running. The doors open, one hits him from behind. He is shocked (but doesn't see what happened). They close. He turns suddenly, sees nothing (only the closed doors, as before), turns again... they open. Close. He turns - nothing. They open - he runs away, jumps on his chair. Falls into the girl's chair. The girl jumps up from behind his chair.

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