Film: 2223

Feature Drama | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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English Subtitles
Spooky film extract about death and dying.
A door opens and closes. A man, reading a book, turns and gets up. The professor (?) with a candle climbs up stairs. The first man, with a candle, suspiciously looking through a door. Professor is the first man. Professor gives a sign with his candle out of the window. The hero, sleeping. Thunder, lightning. A skull... the hero (he dreams). A skeleton hand holding a small jar with poison. The man wakes the hero. 'Come, fast! Something terrible is about to happen!' A woman, lying on her bed, takes a jar of poison. The professor, in the woman's bedroom. He is stopped by the hero who runs to the woman. The professor runs away. The hero looks for him in the building. Outside, in the grass. Shadows move. The hero leaves the house. In the bedroom. Father (the man); a praying nun. The woman in the bed. She is afraid to die. Hero running in the meadows. The father leaves the room. Hero in the meadows. He stumbles, falls, then sits down on a bank, exhausted. The father, with lamp and hammers, outside. Double exposure: hero on the bank becomes two. One of them stays (dreams?), the other one runs away. The transparent hero in the meadow. Sky. Transparent hero arriving at a house. Going in. Inside there is a coffin. 'Dust thou wast To dust shalt thou return' is written on the lid in German, leaning against the wall. The transparent hero uncovers the coffin. Inside, the hero is dead. The transparent hero looks through the glass of the door: A woman, tied to a bed. He tries to open the door, it is locked. The professor arrives in front of the building. The transparent hero hides. The professor in the house, he takes a key out of a grandfather clock (observed by the hero) and is about to open the door to the woman. Shadows on stairs. The professor puts the keys back. A man with candle and toolbox arrives. The hero climbs through a hatch in the floor, closes it, peers through. The man with a toolbox. The professor, lighting a cigar next to the coffin. The man with the toolbox arrives, removes the blanket from the coffin. The professor, watching, smoking. The man puts on the lid of the coffin ,with a little window so you can see the hero's face from outside. The Professor is smoking. The man (who has a wooden leg), with screwdriver and toolbox. The face of the body. Point of view of the body: The man screws the lid to the coffin, then lights a candle and puts it on the window of the coffin. The professor looks into the coffin. Back to 'normal' view: The professor, smoking. Suddenly three more men are in the room. The coffin (we see the body's face through the little window) is lifted. Inside the coffin: The body's face. Point of view of body: The coffin is carried away (so we look at the 'moving' ceiling, the professor's face, door frame, trees.) Bells toll. A church. The body. Point of view body: The church (long shot, he is carried around it). The face of the body in the coffin. Shadows move on the lid. The coffin is carried past the transparent hero sitting on the bank. Morning. The coffin vanishes, the hero on the bank becomes solid. He wakes up. The father walks onto the graveyard. The hero gets up.

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