Film: 2232

Animation | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Busy street. Signs reads 'Bar', 'Cabaret', 'Hotel', flashing. Arrow and stars, flashing. 'The Idea', a nude woman, in the front. Moving along. At a roll of a print press, the printed pictures show suddenly a nude woman. The pictures leaving the roll. Pictures floating past a statue in front of a Roman style gate. Pictures leaving the roll. Floating pictures outside a plant. Pictures leaving the roll. Pictures flying over roofs. Faster. The roll, faster. Pictures flying in front of the drawing of a man becoming larger. Strange animation of the man's face. The roll. Pictures flying outside house fronts. A grim looking man (a priest?). In a church as silhouette. He looks at a picture with the 'idea', throws it to the floor. Steps on it. The nude woman appears in front of the priest. The priest produces a '?'. A symbol appears 'Liberte'. A coin appears. The globe moves around the coin. The priest makes the coin appear again, becoming a sun. The priest makes it become bigger. People appear. a fist, dropping coins. A new scene. People. The 'idea' appears amongst and above them. The priest is thinking. Flashes. The idea above crowds of people. The priest. An army of soldiers marches over his arm. His eyes become coins. He disappears, marching army and coins remain. The idea. Behind her people are marching. The soldiers. Idea above people. Idea and people, marching behind her. Soldiers in front of the sun coin. Idea in front of people marching. And so on, faster and faster cut. Soldiers are standing still. The face of the priest appears, giving a sign. The soldiers shoot. People arehit and fall down. Shooting, people falling; faster and faster cut. Black screen. Dead people on the ground, the idea standing among them. Black screen. 'Dawn' of the coin sun. The priest quietly walking past, with top hat. Soldiers, merrily marching back. People marching back, carrying coffins. Bright spots on a dark screen (?) - The priest walking past the coin sun... the sun disappears, back light emphasizes the priest's silhouette. The head of the idea. Bright spots appear in the sky (?). The idea becomes a huge bright spot, spinning and moving away... fade out... FIN.

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